Beach Combing. . .

Sea Stars among anemones” (Cannon Beach, August 2019) photo by Kay Jay

A garden of sea stars clinging to the same rock

as if cradled among aggregated anemones

that more truly await the return of the tide to submerge them

so they may open hungry;

Raggedy yet elegant, under salt water,

some kind of looking glass dahlias

fragile green as summer katydids

with no one the wiser to their predatory nature. . .

My lover pokes his finger into the soft tugging and says, “watch”

and I witness the longing

that can not be satiated nor understood by its own instinctual embrace,

Paralyzing to a lesser prey

so soon consumed.

He kneels in the sand to sketch our heart chakra rock,

that living rock

that changing rock

that sings at certain times in the morning

when he is still asleep and I am the only one making footprints in the sand,

walking along the shore

with circling grey-blue silver-white gulls and their speckled brown beggar offspring who’d ask the local crows for a hand out

if only they would oblige. . .

Our mecca

no matter the weather

He captures shapes quickly on his torn Arches

and promises to paint in the colors

later. . .

How his hair is the same as the gradients of gold

that darkens under the tide’s constant measure

and whitens where the sands bleach dry, closer to home. . .

The crinkle lines around his eyes, smiling

some sun rays

and the clouds so like his beard, puffy above

the folds of his dark blue denim, his broad shoulders

jacketing the distant hills in forest

and he turns to me

to look me in the eye

and he says, this is the place that makes lovers wanna kiss.

“Tide Pool Sea Star” #1 (Cannon Beach) August 2019 (photo) by Kay Jay
“Tide Pool Sea Star” #2 (Cannon Beach) August 2019 (photo) by Kay Jay
“Tide Pool Sea Star” #3 (Cannon Beach) August 2019 (photo) by Kay Jay
“Green Sea Anemones” (Cannon Beach Tide Pool) photo by Kay Jay
“HayStack Rock” (Cannon Beach) September 2019 (photo) by Kay Jay