S(h)and Prints

I don’t wonder, “Who is gonna hold my hand?”

Our hands reach out for each other when




we climb up hill and

we pull

each other

to the top, some peak,



sometimes breathless

sometimes straining

sometimes complaining

but we make it

because we are holding hands. . .

I don’t gotta wonder, “Who is gonna hold my hand?”

Our hands find each other in the dark

along forest paths where the moon beams fail to penetrate


we trust our footsteps

from all the times before

no matter what changed

or changes

until we find that lamp light

when you asked

for my hand in marriage

and I said


I don’t gotta wonder, “Who is gonna hold my hand?”

Our hands hold fast

when I get the call

that explains my mom is in the hospital

and how you say everything will be okay

just by giving my hand a squeeze

and I know, no matter what


we made our hand prints

for all of time

and no ocean can wash them away.

S(h)and Prints” (Cannon Beach, Oregon) photograph by Kay Jay, December 2019
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“ChickiBoom Strung”

“Seagulls” #1 (Cannon Beach, Oregon) photo by Kay Jay

Got one boot off


kicking through waves

that would roll me under

and pull me away.

See that sun going down?

She’ll be back

to warm the shore,

where seagulls flock

and hop a couple of times before running

into flight,


with the focus of my camera lens. And if I should get carried away

without a reliable raft,

if back floating only filled my lungs with salt

after it passed through my cracked lips,

He’d toss me a glass bottle message:

drink the rain. . .

Saw me off a branch from his olive tree just to send me something peaceful

I can cling to

sow the driftwood

becomes the tree he grew, to carve into the stories,

Whispers of stormy winds around his lighthouse


and how he is driven to pull his bow across my gut strings

just to listen to me sing. . .

An empty cigar box strung into pluck and strum and I become his ChickiBoom.

“ChickiBoom in Bed” (Cigar Box Ukulele created by Sony Feldberg) photo by Kay Jay, December 2019
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