“ChickiBoom Strung”

“Seagulls” #1 (Cannon Beach, Oregon) photo by Kay Jay

Got one boot off


kicking through waves

that would roll me under

and pull me away.

See that sun going down?

She’ll be back

to warm the shore,

where seagulls flock

and hop a couple of times before running

into flight,


with the focus of my camera lens. And if I should get carried away

without a reliable raft,

if back floating only filled my lungs with salt

after it passed through my cracked lips,

He’d toss me a glass bottle message:

drink the rain. . .

Saw me off a branch from his olive tree just to send me something peaceful

I can cling to

sow the driftwood

becomes the tree he grew, to carve into the stories,

Whispers of stormy winds around his lighthouse


and how he is driven to pull his bow across my gut strings

just to listen to me sing. . .

An empty cigar box strung into pluck and strum and I become his ChickiBoom.

“ChickiBoom in Bed” (Cigar Box Ukulele created by Sony Feldberg) photo by Kay Jay, December 2019
The Big Wild “6’s to 9’s” (music video) is being posted on Stitched in Stone for No Commercial Purpose.

2 thoughts on ““ChickiBoom Strung”

    1. Oh! Thank you so much Lunar Euphoria for stopping by and for your feedback! The Chickiboom is tuned like a Ukulele but they indeed have their own voices!
      I am glad you feel happy from the post! Your posts do the same for me, even when you speak of darkness. I love your “Yoga Journal.”


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