No Such Thing as Pancakes Without You…

No Such Thing as Pancakes Without You

The wagon is filled

with a yellow flowerpot, stained inside

with a layer of clinging dirt from a year ago,

when we walked along the unimproved road,

our footsteps crunching on gravel,

sidestepping potholes,

to sift through

the free pile left beside the trash containers and a gas meter…

And a Lagunita’s empty holding a tall grass reed, waves it’s blond tassel above the enticement of a Senorita logo as if luck would have it.

There’s that strangely angled spatula “thing” that I gave you to clean out the gutter sludge, and that I have no idea what it was originally used for, or where it even came from… and how we kept it

because it’s useful.

Three pinecones and a rusted railroad spike remind me that I’m gonna plant the rest of these gladiolus bulbs now.

Special thanks to India Arie’s “Steady Love” music video for inspiring the title of this post and blessings to all for making sum pancakes!

The India Arie “Steady Love” (Music Video) is being posted here on Stitched in Stone for No commercial purpose.

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Peace and love to all the mamas, to all the sisters and the aunties, to all the nieces and the grandma-ma’s and to all those ladies in-between and or otherwise.